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  • Vivarium Vent Insert, 70mm Vent Insert, Insect Mesh BROWN

Vivarium Vent Insert, 70mm Vent Insert, Insect Mesh BROWN

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Vivarium Vent SetThis list is for a pair of BROWN 70mm.Vent covers for vivarium, RUB or similar. For maximum ventilation. Coverage is a total of 76mmThey come with a free piece of insect mesh to cover the hole before the surround is inserted to keep unwanted insects out of your enclosure. You will not achieve this by simply drilling lots of small holes.Hole that needs to be cut is 68mm for a snug fit. If using the insect mesh too there will be no need for extra adhesive and will fit nice and tight.These can be used in many types of enclosures ranging from plastic to wooden type enclosures,I use these in my Madagascar hissing cockroach colonies, Dubia colonies, bearded dragon, Geckos and even in my snail enclosures.They will keep you inhabitants in but other nasty insects out.Can also be used in caravans ect.PLEASE NOTE THE PICTURES OF THE SINGLE VENTS ARE FOR ILLUSTRATION PURPOSES ONLY AS THE COLOUR OF THE ONES YOU WILL RECEIVE ARE BROWN.  

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