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  • Tarantula/Spider/Stick insects/Praying mantis Vivarium,enclosure

Tarantula/Spider/Stick insects/Praying mantis Vivarium,enclosure

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These small clear plastic mini vivarium s are just the right size for nymphs of many arboreal insects and some arboreal tarantulas too.(You can even use them as in the photo, as ant housing, with the correct ventilation etc) It must be said that apart from small flower mantis & some species of spider, the jumping spider for example,that most young nymphs will need to be rehoused as they grow too large for these mini vivariums. I start many species of praying mantis off in these Mini Vivariums, as they are the perfect size for very small mantis, being ambush predators, most will lay in wait for their prey, place them into a large environment too soon and they simply may starve, even with food in with them. There are two options here the large vented version, this has a very fine mesh that even fruit flies will not escape from, and the smaller grill vent version which if you are feeding larger prey, green bottles for example will be perfect. Of course there is also an un-vented version too, if you wish to add your own vents. The un-vented version is just the case, for you to customize with your own ventilation,I have added a photo just to show how I use them to house ants as an example only Whichever option you choose ,they are all the same size H 220mm x W 90mm x D 80mm THEY ARE ALL SOLD WITHOUT ANY DECORATION

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