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Would you like to be able to fill your Spider/Snake/Insect Tank with BLUE, or RED, or GREEN, or even PINK/PURPLE/AMBER etc ???   - How about being able to change the colour in your tank by remote control ?!?! ....... Pics in Listing are REAL - they are not 'Photoshop' edits - these are some of the colours you can get with this kit. (Actual Vivarium used was small, but with just a single 20cm strip of light behind top grill where main light sits)This kit will let you do just that - really easily, and with very little hassle or tech know-how !! Kit comprises of :- 1 x self adhesive RGB Colour Change LED strip (These strips are not your normal flexible epoxy coated strips - these strips are totally encased in a clear silicon flexible jacket which is filled with a clear silicon compound to make them totally water proof, added to this we then seal all cut/soldered ends with adhesive lined heatshrink to ensure you have strips that are going to last for quite some time) with 50cm of cable to a small inline controller - no bigger than your pinky -  with RF receiver (Better for you as you do not need to find a place for that annoying little IR sensor which you get with cheaper RGB kits)which can be stuck discretely behind the tank if required, wired into a plug in 12V transformer - 3 pin for UK, 2 pin for Europe (1.2M of flex from plug to control box), and a small remote controller to change the colours, make it dimmer/brighter and act as an on/off switchCustom sizes also available - just message us for a quick quote, or to discuss what can and cant be done !! Quick UK Supplier who also provides email and phone no.s for contact should you require. Check out our other listings for other great LED strip products. Thanks for looking If you want to check out the colour options etc then look at these videos :- Colour Options Fish Tank Setup The second one was taken by a customer of his tanks with lights fitted. Any questions then please message me. THESE ARE NOT LIKE SOME OF THE STRIPS FOR VIVARIUMS YOU CAN BUY ON ......  ALL OF OUR AQUARIUM GRADE STRIPS ARE IP68 RATED STRIPS. THAT MEANS THE LED STRIPS ARE TOTALLY ENCASED IN A CLEAR SILICON JACKET, WHICH IS FILLED WITH CLEAR FLEXIBLE EPOXY, AND BOTH ENDS ARE THEN SEALED WITH ADHESIVE LINED HEATSHRINK......  DON'T SETTLE FOR LESS - IF YOU ARE BUYING ELSEWHERE MAKE SURE YOU ASK FOR IP68 RATED STRIPS - WE KNOW YOU WILL NOT GET THEM AT OUR PRICES !!! THESE STRIPS ARE NOT A HEAT SOURCE - YOU MUST ENSURE YOU STILL HAVE THE RIGHT HEATING ABILITY IN YOUR TANK FOR YOUR REPTILESPlease note - This item IS NOT for use under water  - but is suitable for use in area where condensation/steam/splashing water/dripping water etc may be present.

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