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  • Reptiles for the complete beginner PDF BOOK (sent to your Email address )..

Reptiles for the complete beginner PDF BOOK (sent to your Email address )..

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OVER 100 PAGES184 PROFESSIONAL COLOUR PHOTOS24920 WORDSCOVERS ALL POPULAR REPTILES.NO WAITING FOR THE POST MAN, THIS IS SENT DIRECT TO YOUR PAYPAL EMAIL ADDRESS, HOW IT ALL STARTED FOR ME, I have been keen Herpetologist for over 26 years, in that time we must have had 100`s of reptiles, along with spiders and scorpions.It all started in 1992 when my eldest son Martin at the age of 10 acquired, as one of his Christmas presents, his first reptile, it was a Leopard Gecko, he named her “Lizzy”. A few years later my other son Matthew got involved, it progressed to another large reptile house built in ourback garden. All from just one little Gecko that we originally purchased. The list of reptiles we had was quite large including, Leopard Gecko’s, Jewelled Gecko’s, Tokay Gecko’s, Flying Gecko’s, Wonder Gecko, Anole’s, Frilled Dragon’s, Bearded Dragons, Collard Lizard, Chinese Water Dragon’s, Java Forest Dragon, Bosc Monitor’s, Nile Monitor’s, 4ft Iguana’s, Basilisk lizards,  Salamander’s, Yamani and Jackson Chameleon’s,Skink’s, Anoles, Ball Pythons, cook’s tree Boa’s, Corn Snakes, Rat Snake’s, King Snake’s, Milk Snakes, 12ft  Burmese Python and an 18ft Reticulated Python, The list goes on, most of the above mentioned are the most popular. By this time feeding was getting a little expensive so we decided to breed our own Crickets, Locusts, Wax Worm moths, Fruit Flies and Mice. We built all our own Vivarium’s (Viv’s, as people call them) and made them as big as we could too.Back then there was no Internet or Google, just a trip to the library with hours of research and studying. We had to learn the hard way and yes, in the beginning I did loose live stock but with the help of this book I hope to pass on my knowledge so that easy and devastating mistakes can be avoided. Thank goodness, my wife loved reptiles too; this has led to keeping reptiles for 26 years of my married life. My love of animals also rubbed off on my two sons. My youngest Matthew is a qualified Scuba diver and has a strong love forreptilian life with good knowledge and cares for my aquarium when I am away. My eldest Martin is a qualified master dive instructor and also a Marine Biologistand currently working on his PhD, working all over the world in marine conservation.This book has been 26 years in the making and is aneasy guide to setting up and maintaining your very own vivarium’s. Reptiles withtheir beautiful colours and interesting behaviour are amazing creatures too. I am going to cover all aspects that arerequired for keeping a reptile…“HAPPYHERPATOLOGY.” SENT DIRECT TO YOUR PAYPAL EMAIL ADDRESS WITHIN A FEW HOURS FROM PURCHASE. USUALLY WITHIN THE HOUR.  (UK) INTERNATIONAL MAY TAKE SLIGHTLY LONGER DUE TO THE TIME DIFFERENCE.WHY NOT LOOK AT MY OTHER BOOKS," Marine Fish and Corals for the complete beginner "" Tropical fish for the complete beginner "available on  and amazon.Please note: If you use Outlook or Hotmail email addresses the file is too large to send. Please send me another email address to get around this.

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