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  • live aquariumpflanzen/moos auf gitter/easy/eu angebaut/high quality/alle arten

live aquariumpflanzen/moos auf gitter/easy/eu angebaut/high quality/alle arten

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>Plantersplace Store
Limited time offer. Free delivery!Welcome to our little Aquascaping shop!We are offering 100% Satisfaction Guarantee or your money back!We can't refund when requested for combined invoice, only after fully paid. The e-bay system works this way. If not requested for free moss refund by email, we will add one random moss for free automatically.This listing is for one (1) moss of your choice on stainless steel mesh as shown on first two pictures of either following:1. Taiwan Moss - Taxiphyllum alternans - 5x5cm mesh grown in EU2. Christmas Moss - Vesicularia dubyana - 5x5cm mesh grown in EU3. Weeping Moss - Vesicularia ferriei - 5x5cm mesh grown in EU4. Spiky Moss - Taxiphyllum Sp. - 5x5cm mesh grown in EU5. Flame Moss - Taxiphyllum Sp. - 4x4cm mesh grown in EU6. Pelia - Monosolenium tenerum - 5x5cm mesh grown in EU 7. Pearl Moss - Plagmonium Sp. - 5x5cm mesh grown in EU8. Fissidens Fontanus - 4x4cm mesh grown in EU9. Coral Pelia - 4x4cm mesh grown in EU10. Round Pelia - 5x5cm mesh grown in EU11. Creeping Moss - 4x4 mesh grown in EU12. Java Moss - 5x5cm mesh grown in EU13. Triangular Moss -5x5cm mesh grown in EU14. Giant Moss Taxiphyllum Sp. 5x5cm mesh grown in EUSome of the mosses are grown in our own AquariumsMoss will be delivered on stainless steel mesh similar as on picture below. Moss is grown outside of water then freshly tied to mesh so it will look very different than final product shown on some pictures. (pictured wood with overgrown moss or overgrown fissidens). Emersed moss will adapt much faster to your water then already submersed and will start to grow much quicker. Then it takes few weeks to grow to its full glory.

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