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25 Eggs. Black Velvet / Black Beauty. Peruphasma schultei Lively soft velvet black insects with sulphur yellow eyes, and red lips. Both sexes have pretty pleated crimson wings as adults.Black Beauties are a very easy care, privet eating species, with the same needs as the commonly kept Indian Stick Insect. Pictures show:1.      Ova / Eggs.2,3.   Newly hatched.5-8.   Adult females and males, showing off their wings.9-11. Nymphs at various stages. 12.    Sociable Black Beauties. ----------------------------CARE TIPS. (Please copy)Cages: Black Beauties like a well ventilated cage, but don't need a lot of space. They are happy living together, and with other privet eating species. A net or mesh cage is better than a tank, as it provides more grip, and ventilation.Food: Privet. Can also eat a bit of Ivy.Avoid leaves from beside busy roads.Always wash leaves in fresh water before using, and change before they get too dry. A metal lidded jam jar with a hole punched through the lid makes a good water container for stems.Eggs: Keep on slightly moist kitchen paper, in a well ventilated container. You want them to stay humid, but not wet. I keep my egg tubs on damp sand in a small stacker box. If you see any mould, clean eggs by tipping them onto a soft clean cloth, removing any mouldy eggs, and gently rolling the others around on the cloth. Be very gentle, Black Beauty eggs are fragile. Clean their container well too before putting them back. Hatchlings: Keep babies in small containers. I use clear plastic tubs, with perforated sides and net lids, and a small lidded jar for the leaf stems. stuff tissue paper into any gaps, so that your critters can't squeeze into the jar and drown themselves. Little Black Beauty nymphs like to hide in crevices during the day. Also be careful if you use paper in the bottom of the cage, as they will sometimes hide under it.Nymphs and Adults: They don't like damp conditions, and can get all the moisture they need, from their leaves if they are fresh, but they do enjoy an occasional drink, and humidity helps them moult successfully, so mist the leaves and substrate from time to time.--------------POSTAGE: I try to dispatch insects on Monday or Tuesday. I don't post late in the week, to avoid delays in the weekend post. Insects are posted 1st Class, and eggs 2nd Class.Collection is always welcome. Sorry I can't ship insects overseas. Please have a look at my other items. NB: wants me to tell you that these can be used as a live feed. 

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